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Acerbus Release New Single

Posted in Metal with tags , , , , , , on April 17, 2012 by kathartic666

This blog has been lying dormant for too long. This will be my first post in more than a year, and I hope I’ll post more regularly going forward.

Acerbus is a young and promising extreme doom metal band from Delhi, India, started in January 2012. In a country plagued by generic metalcore, trendcore, applecore, manticore, haramcore, a band playing sick, twisted music is like a breath of fresh (filthy, rather?) air. Acerbus came together to unleash the desire to play doom metal. They are heavily influenced by death/doom, funeral doom and sludge bands like diSEMBOWELMENT, Worship, Stabat Mater, Incantation, Wormphlegm, Coffins, Khanate etc.

The first single, Chamber of Decrepitude(available as a free download via their bandcamp), is a very dirty, demented, dark and stark track of over 12 mins and works like an ominous herald of their consequent debut demo, which is to be released in a few months. Ankit Sinha’s (curator of the mighty impressive Infernal Dominion blog and podcast) filthy, acerbic vocals and the plodding, restrained drumming of Mohammed Kabeer is of particular interest. The production is also appropriately muddy, inducing the listener to visualize wading through a sludgy swamp.

A pretty impressive first single, in my opinion and I shall be following this band with keen interest in the future. More power to the burgeoning doom movement in India!

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