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Mood Indigo 2010 – New Night Over India

Posted in Gigmarole, Metal with tags , , on December 23, 2010 by kathartic666

As in each year, this year too IIT-B managed to get a premier niche band,Katatonia, to perform for Mood-I. And, as in each year, this year too IIT-B managed to let the general crowd in after the 1st band, Abraxas, had finished their set. Abraxas was the eventual winner of the Livewire competition which also had Goddess Gagged, Purple Asparagus andGuillotine in contention. All these bands were allowed to play a very short set, which didn’t allow us to judge them properly.

The old stalwarts of Indian Rock, Indus Creed, were up next with a new bassist, Rushad Mistry (of Agnee) and a new drummer, the excellent and prolific Jai Row Kavi (ex-Agnee, ex-Pin Drop Violence, ex-Helga’s Fun Castle, Tough on Tobacco, ex-Bhayanak Maut). They played an hour-long set containing a mixture of old favorite tracks like Rock & roll renegade, pretty child and Top of the Rock, and some new tracks (the names of which I didn’t catch). In the entire set, it was very evident that the old guard (Uday Benegal, Mahesh Tinaikar and Zubin Balaporia) had lost none of its edge and did an excellent job of connecting with the crowd. Zubin’s and Mahesh’s intermingling solos with their respective instruments were particularly delightful. It was really heartening to see a nearly 3-decades old band truly enjoying themselves and rocking it out on stage like teenagers.

With the exit of Indus Creed to a thundering applause, a palpable pall of chill & doom descended and an almost tangible cord of tension was felt running through the expectant crowd. Katatonia took their time to arrive on stage, but when they did, they did with an explosion of Day & Then The Shade, which was quickly followed by Liberation and My Twin. They didn’t waste time belting out a mindblowing 17 track assault which spanned a rapturous 1.5 hrs. The set seemed like Katatonia’s Best Of compilation with tracks from The Great Cold Distance, Viva Emptiness and Night Is The New Day. They played Viva Emptiness almost in its entirety, and it’s my most favorite Katatonia album! The tracks July and Teargas got the most crowd response, and it was kinda interesting to see females in the crowd moshing about. The sound of the entire show was impeccable, the crushing downtuned guitars rooting all of us in our places, and Oh!, the mournful, soulful vocals of Jonas Renske! The vocals of Renske need a special mention. They were like aurora borealis floating and shimmering over a tumultuous ocean of thundering riffs. Katatonia ended their set withJuly, Forsaker and Leaders and I glimpsed at my friend and he was actually weeping. That was effect Katatonia had on the crowd yesterday. A thoroughly professional and mesmerizing performance by Katatonia, made even more praise-worthy by the fact that they played 6 gigs in 9 days. Their No Sleep Till Tour 2010 actually lived up to its name.

Those who missed the gig, I can only feel sad for you, ‘coz you missed something which I don’t think you will experience again. 21/12/2010 was the day when a few hundred people transcended this world to the surreal music of Katatonia. Even if Katatonia comes back to India, don’t think they will play a 1.5 hrs set.


The Fall Metal Explosion 2010 Tour – Pune Leg: Gig Preview

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The annual metal juggernaut, The Fall Metal Explosion, hits Pune on 2nd November. The first decent metal gig in Pune after ages features a killer line-up – Devoid, Noiseware, Abraxas and Insanity Quotient. It will be Mumbai based death-thrash band Devoid’s first gig in Pune, after tearing up Blue Frog and B69 in Mumbai in two close gigs. You can read up about the Blue Frog gig here. If the Blue Frog gig was any clue, Devoid’s Pune set has the potential to bring down the place. This will also be Devoid’s kickass debut album, A God’s Lie’s Pune launch, the CDs of which will also be available at the venue.

The rest of the bands are my favorite Pune bands with Abraxas alone capable of brutalizing the place. With them teaming up again with Noiseware and Insanity Quotient, the Pune metalheads can expect a gig nothing short of pure madness.

I only hope there’s a huge turnout and the Pune crowd doesn’t disappoint. Every average Pune metalhead has heard the Pune bands, but they have to get a piece of Devoid. This is one band which I know will make it big. And this gig will surely be remembered as the gig where Devoid slayed the Pune metalheads.

Watch this video to understand what to expect of Devoid:

Dinner Is A Lie – An Insane Night

Posted in Gigmarole with tags , , , , on October 5, 2010 by kathartic666

October 3rd was a date that was much awaited since the schedule for Dinner Is A Lie(Albatross, Devoid and Nervecell) tour was announced. However, the Ayodhya verdict threatened to throw an ugly spanner in the works. But, thankfully, the Indian public kept its head and the verdict went through without a hitch. The debut Devoid album, A God’s Lie, I got in the mail a week before the gig just added to the impatience.

So, on the morning of the gig I caught a rickety bus from Pune to Mumbai for a gig I knew wouldn’t let me down and spent the day with a few close friends. Thanks to the infamous Mumbai traffic I managed to reach the venue, Blue Frog, Lower Parel, just as Devoid were about to start playing. Before I start telling you about the gig, a few words about the venue seems suitable. It took me more than a few wrong turns to get to Blue Frog. But, once inside, you know this is the venue for a nice metal gig. The sound system is topclass, there is enough space for the band on the stage and ample space in front of the stage for a decent pit.

Devoid were first up and, O boy, did they rip apart the place or what! They started off with the blistering Battle Cry after the album opener A Silent Death was played through the PA, and almost immediately moshpits and circlepits formed. One by one Devoid played the album in its entirety. After listening to the album, I knew Devoid is one of the top metal acts in the country. But, after watching them live, I realized they are also one of the better live acts in India. They are really Possessed on stage. The lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Arun Iyer, is a born frontman. He commands the audience from the stage like an Emperor does his subjects. Keshav Kumar and, later, Sanju Aguiar wielded the lead axe with aplomb and Frank Pawar’s galloping bass provided the perfect foundation. Devoid completed their set with the crowd favorite Beersong, to which the Hate Cult present promptly went berserk.

Next up was Albatross, who had recently released their debut EP, Dinner Is You. Was it because this band had lesser crowd support or for some other reason, there were more people outside the venue smoking fags and what-not than those inside. I even saw people tying their laces in the pit! Personally, I didn’t find this band half bad. They were decent. Their sound is more traditional heavy metalish than new age metal. Albatross wound up their set with a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Mr. Crowley.

The last act of the day was the most awaited one – Nervecell, a death-thrash metal band from Dubai. If anyone was left standing after Devoid’s set, those were annihilated by Nervecell, even those who had never ventured near the moshpit. The twin guitar assault of Barney Ribeiro and Rami Mustafa, the brutal cookie monster vocals of bassist/vocalist Rajeh James Khazaal and the thundering supersonic double bass drumming of Louis Rando were more than enough to lead the metalheads to a heightened frenzy. Their set saw the entire rigmarole of crazed metalheads – crowd-surfing, stage-diving and slam-dancing. As James put it, “The other parts where we performed in India, told us to wait for Mumbai for the real crazy metalheads. I had to wait to come here to believe that, and now I believe that. Mumbai is the f*cking Metal capital of India!” Hell yeah!

I now close this account with these bootleg videos of Nervecell playing Demolition and Devoid playing Possessed.

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