Deception (Part I)

DeceptionIt never stopped spinning.

He was back. He had put all his worries behind. He was doing now what he had dreamed of doing all these years in exile. He was sitting on the recliner chair with his feet up, sipping a margarita and watching his children play in the sand. He still couldn’t believe how much James had grown up and how mature Phillipa was sounding. But, he was content. He was home.

However, a tiny niggle in his mind was bothering Dom ever since he landed in USA. It was all too idyllic; everything was in place as he had anticipated them to be. Arthur’s startup Lucid Dreams Securities was thriving. Arthur, Yusuf and Ariadne were equal partners in the firm and they were providing the best services in that class. Arthur and Ariadne’s wedding was one of the shining points and the happiest moments after Dom had returned back. And, as it turned out, that was the last time all of them were together at the same place. Saito seemed happy with how the events had unfolded. Robert Fisher had successfully demerged Fisher Morrow, the energy conglomerate his dad, Maurice Fisher, had built. Eames was the most silent person there; something was preying on his mind. As Dom later found out from Arthur, Eames had been recruited by the Federal Govt. for counterespionage, and his current whereabouts were unknown.

Dom was happy for all his mates. But, ever since he had landed, an idea was growing in his mind. An idea which was buried deep inside his subconscious. An idea that explained his recent feelings of uneasiness and vulnerability. An idea that would change everything. An idea that said Mal was actually his militarized subconscious projection protecting him.

…to be continued


One Response to “Deception (Part I)”

  1. I simply love the last line! Everything adding perfect sense to the loopholes left like the potholes of Mumbai..DInt know u were crafter of deception incepted faster than the thought conceived in the corkels of ur mind! Waiting for part II 😀

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